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[S5E6] Fallen

In the meantime, Petro has found and retrieved a crystal, but as he exits the maze, already confident about his victory, the 'crystal' proves to be a piece of ice that melts into a puddle of water in his palm, so he is sent back to find his true crystal. As he races around, he comes upon Katooni, who on her way back outside has fallen into a small cave blocked by a thick sheet of ice. He leaves her behind in his zealousness to find his crystal, but is quickly plagued by his conscience and returns to help her. By jointly using the Force, they are able to break the ice, but as they prepare to leave, Petro spots his crystal between the ice shards. He sends Katooni ahead, who manages to slip through the bottom gap of the door just before it freezes shut. Before they could all mourn Petro, the youngling bursted through the ice wall. This was due to the fact that the ice wasn't actually going to trap them, but it would make them believe they had been trapped.

[S5E6] Fallen


People die in a lot of different ways on Boardwalk Empire, and rarely is it dignified. But on occasion, some of the fallen 'heroes' get to have their final moment in the sun. Richard went out this way at the end of last season, and Chalky was given similar treatment in "Devil You Know." There was something almost reassuring about the way the fan favorite was put to rest. Almost. Chalky no doubt felt a bit redeemed in being able to trade his life for his second family's freedom, as Daughter and Daughter's daughter Althea - I had to - got a way out from under Doctor Narcisse's thumb thanks to his sacrifice, and her record might finally get some airtime. That's if the Doctor keeps his word, of course. He may have been 'victorious' this week, but one can dream he loses big before the season's over.

The moment at the end with Joel Harper and the fifty was obviously a callback to the way Nucky first found his way into the Commodore's life, and it would probably have landed better for me if the flashbacks were not my least favorite part of every episode. I don't want to be reminded of the flashbacks, like Nucky, I want to forget the past. Boardwalk once again spends too much time with young Nucky, with every sequence bringing the series' momentum to a halt. This week's flashbacks felt especially clumsy, as they painted the Thompson brothers as angels in order to show how far they have fallen. Eli calling Nucky out for using bad language was laughable, and I joked last week that this would all be leading to Gillian's origin story. Or should I say Jimmy's? I'm guessing that saving 'Nellie Bly' from the hospital will be Nucky's big redemption moment. For now, he's saddling the troops.

Opie's death was one of the toughest to take in all of Sons of Anarchy, but how Jax and co. got their revenge was almost a tougher pill to swallow. It's easy to understand their need to avenge their fallen brother, but they took things way further than they needed to.

Prince Oberyn was a supremely loyal Dornishman, but also an emphatic warrior utterly channelled by deep-seeding rage which burned for years and years. The fire of the fallen man the Sand Snakes fight for became extremely apparent when Jaime Lannister and Bronn infiltrate their homeland in a fleeting attempt to rescue Myrcella which quickly descends into iron-wielding, whip-snapping battle. 041b061a72


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