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Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) Free __TOP__ Download

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) Free Download - A Comprehensive Review

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) Free Download

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If you are looking for a realistic, versatile, and powerful virtual bass instrument, you might want to check out Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) by Impact Soundworks. This is a sample library that features the sound of a custom six-string electric bass, recorded with over 10,000 pristine samples and placed in the cutting-edge S3 engine. In this article, we will review the features, sound, and performance of Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) and show you how to download it for free.

Features of Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT)

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) is a virtual bass instrument that covers a wide range of genres and styles, from pop, blues, funk, and jazz to rock, metal, and ambient. It has a classic bass tone that can be heard across every genre of music, but particularly great for pop, blues, funk, and jazz. Some of the features of Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) are:

  • It has a custom six-string bass tuned to drop A, which gives it a floor-shaking sound that starts at a booming drop G and extends up four-and-a-half octaves.

  • It has all the crucial articulations you need to create realistic bass lines, such as fingered sustains, staccatos, pops, tapping, harmonics, FX, slides, hammer-on, and pull-off.

  • It has a cutting-edge virtual bassist engine that accurately simulates hand position and reach, with multiple fret and string selection algorithms available. You can also adjust the playing style, velocity curve, legato mode, vibrato speed and depth, and more.

  • It has a poly input feature that allows you to play realistic chords with automatic fingering and voicing. You can also use keyswitches or MIDI CC to trigger different articulations on the fly.

  • It has a console FX rack and mixer that includes over 30 FX modules such as EQs, compressors, reverbs, pedals, custom cabinets, amps, and more. You can also use your own external amp sims or plugins if you prefer.

  • It has 21 production-ready tone snapshots that range from hi-gain amped options to clean, ambient playing. You can also create your own custom presets and save them for later use.

Sound and Performance of Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT)

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) sounds amazing right out of the box. The samples are recorded with high quality and detail, capturing the nuances and dynamics of the real bass. The S3 engine also adds realism and expression to the playback, making it easy to create natural-sounding bass lines. The tone is warm, punchy, and rich, suitable for any genre or mood. You can also tweak the tone with the built-in FX or use your own external plugins to shape it further.

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) is also very easy to use and perform with. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with all the key controls accessible on the main page. You can also dive deeper into the settings and customize every aspect of the engine. The poly input feature is especially useful for playing chords or complex patterns with realistic voicing. The articulation mapping is also flexible and customizable, allowing you to switch between different playing techniques seamlessly.

Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) runs smoothly on any modern computer with Kontakt Player or Kontakt. It requires 5GB of disk space and 4GB of RAM. It also supports NKS integration with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine hardware, which makes it even more convenient to browse and control.

How to Download Shreddage 3 Abyss (KONTAKT) for Free

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