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Collaboration w/ ByongSue Kang

This insect robot designed by ByongSue Kang

Format: kinetic installation, computer vision

Exhibition: Art Center Nabi

An effect that an education utilizing a robot kit has on middle school students’

creative personality and scientific attitude.

As the ability to utilize and understand a digital device comes to the fore as core competency necessary for living in modern society, an education utilizing a robot for effectively cultivating this becomes the center of interest. And in case of an education utilizing a half-finished robot kit designed so as to be easily manufactured at low cost, its potential is recognized. In order to empirically check the effect of education utilizing a robot kit, this study assumed creative personality and scientific attitude to be a learning outcome variable, and checked whether an evidence of improvement in these variables was shown before and after an education utilizing a robot kit. To this end, 8 sessions of education utilizing a robot kit were given to 30 junior high school students over 4 weeks. And changes with pretest and post-test data were analyzed. The results of open-ended question and interview were analyzed.






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