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Hello Class

Hello, Class is a future education class that makes it

easy and fun to solve problem using new technic skills at the child's level.

우리 아이 첫 미래교육은 헬로 클래스와 함께

헬로, 클래스는 어린이의 눈높이에 맞추어 새로운 기술을

쉽고 재미있게 학습할 수 있는 미래교육 클래스입니다.

4차 산업혁명 시대에 새롭게 두각을 나타내는 코딩, 증강현실, 가상현실, 전기회로, 로봇, 3D 프린터, 키네틱 등 다양한 기술들을 어린이의 눈높이에 맞추어 쉽고 재미있게 학습할 수 있도록 영상 강의, 교구, 교재가 포함된 어린이 미래교육 클래스를 만들었습니다.


Hello, Circuit!

<Hello, Circuit!> is a hands-on class designed to teach kids the fundamentals of electrical circuitry using an electronic invention kit, "Makey Makey". Kids are guided to study the principles of electrical circuits using various real-world components, where this knowledge is applied to build up creations of children’s own such as electric keyboards, paper circuits and musical instruments. Fascinating experience awaits as children’s ideas become reality.

Hello, Robot!

<Hello Robot!> is a class designed to let children learn the fundamentals of robotics using the "ozobot". The class is composed of step-by-step activities, from as simple tasks as drawing line paths for robots, to complex ones like programming robots by 4-bit color-codes or choreographing cool robot dance moves. Kids are able to pick up the basis of robotics engineering such as sensors, line tracing, randomness and color-coding without even noticing while going through the series of mind blowing activities. Observing the behavior of robots and deriving self-determined solutions will give boosts to kids on their ability of logical thinkings.

Hello, VR!

<Hello, VR!> is a class designed to teach children the fundamentals of VR (Virtual Reality), one of the core emerging technologies. Kids are able to learn the concept, principles, manufacturing processes, use cases and more on VR technologies. <Hello, VR!> class even provides an opportunity to create custom VR contents. Kids will explore a virtual reality of an underwater world, with the Edutory developed HMD (Head Mounted Display) goggle, where their own crayon-colored fish swim and swarm.

Hello, Coding!

<Hello Coding!> is a class designed to teach children the fundamentals of software coding using "Scratch Jr.”, a programming language for kids developed by MIT. As "Scratch Jr." is an intuitive block(play)-like programming language, even kids without any background of programming languages are able to learn the principles of how-to code. Kids will develop a computational mindset, the ability to analyze and map real-world problems, during the process of coding their own programing tasks. The final drill of the class, creating animations and games, will boost not only their logical thinkings but also their creativities.

Hello Kinetics!

<Hello, Kinetics!> is a class designed to teach children the fundamentals of basic mechanical engineering and Newton's Laws of physics. Kids will be able to apply forces on various rigid bodies, levers and machine components, resulting in rotating gears and moving belts. Creating a unique design set of shafts and gears will boost their mechanical engineering mindset and creativity while engaging those machine elements to work properly will grow their logical thinkings. The final goal is to let them grasp the concept of kinetic force, energy and momentum while playing with toy machine components to understand the hidden principles beneath.


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